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What does Tiande.Guide contain and how to use it?

We post all products, data and components, as well as news and updates, on our site. We try to provide the composition of the products, the most active ingredients and how they work. The page you are on is the home page to help you navigate through all the content.

In the Catalogue there is a complete and updated catalog for download in PDF format, as well as a brief presentation of all the products.

For more information about the products, click on the tab INGREDIENTS, where the products and their operation are described in the form of posts (entries). The "categories" drop-down menu can be helpful for compiling. Each available product description is provided with a "buy" link that directs us directly to the product's in-store website.
Also the next tab Store redirects us directly to the store.

The eyelash Contact / for Consultants allows you to get permanent refunds and shows you the possibilities of cooperation with tianDe. We warmly recommend it!

In the Possibilities We try to convince you to join the tianDe society, which will surely be beneficial for those who want to enjoy natural cosmetics and also for all those who like to receive more abundant benefits. The information encourages you to sign up for our newsletter on the page Contact / for Consultants and simply follow the recommendations until you achieve success without great efforts.

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Products, New formulations of tianDe. We are happy to inform you that we have more as of today for sale.

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