12202 Nano Ecualizador,Compleja transdérmica “Efecto Botoluxe”, 3g/7ml

Efecto de Relajación Muscular,

Transdermal complex with the effect of Botoluxe combines two agents with a high concentration: microcapsules and mezococktail. It stimulates the production of its own collagen, promotes the smoothing of wrinkles, which work according to the principle of relaxation of the local agent, while favoring the maintenance of a natural facial expression. Apparently improve the facial contour, which makes the skin firmer, rejuvenating. APPLICATION: 1. Use the dosing cap to apply a few drops of mezococktail (measure 1) over the tips of the fingers and apply it to previously cleaned skin. 2. A small amount of microcapsules (# 2) is applied to the tip of the finger and with pat applied to the areas where mezococktail was used. 3. In addition, as the third layer is applied to the skin mezococktail. Apply to clean skin and let dry once a day (at night, two hours before bed) – in case of moderate signs of skin aging. Alternatively, use the procedure 2 times a day – on very visible signs. When using the patch complex should avoid the shells.


Ingredientes: 1. agua, acetil hexapéptido-30, palmitoil tripéptido-5, el ácido hialurónico. 2. gluconato de magnesio, extracto de algas, extracto de hoja de Cichorium intibus, maltosa.

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